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Victor Ponamariov - Full stack developer (FE-heavy)

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Hello, I'm Victor.

I've been working as a frontend and full-stack developer for more than 10 years. I don't want to write shiny words about how good (or bad) I am, I'll just tell you what I'm good at and what kind of projects I prefer to do.

My knowledge:

  1. VueJS 3 (composition API) and its ecosystem (vite, vee-valiate, pinia, vue-router, vueuse, and other libraries)

  2. Laravel and MySQL (mainly building rest APIs for frontend)

  3. UI/UX - I'm very keen on this area, I wrote a couple of books and occasionally design interfaces. It's my passion - making good interfaces and Vue is a mean of doing this

  4. Tailwind, which I use in every new project.

  5. HTML/CSS/JS/Git/Linux CLI - assumed by default

  6. English level is B2+, I'm able to communicate verbally with native speakers

I'm proud that I built startup from scratch using Laravel/VueJS, Digital Ocean droplets, redis & queues, and designing it on my own. It was called Pingr, but then I sold it and now it's https://pulsetic.com/

Here you can find my launched projects and Pingr was one of them https://www.producthunt.com/@victor_ponamariov

Few links of my social activity and my own projects

  1. https://twitter.com/vponamariov

  2. https://user-interface.io/ - Blog (built with Nuxt and its Nuxt Content plugin)

  3. https://hundred.user-interface.io/

  4. https://reform.user-interface.io/

  5. https://history.user-interface.io/

  6. https://test.user-interface.io/ - just a fun project ;)

  7. I can send you my CV if you contact me, I recently removed it from LinkedIn since I use it as a social network more, where I post UI/UX stuff

  8. My own project that I'm working on (Nuxt Content stack): https://usability.recipes/

My ideal project is: an SPA, MVP application built from scratch, with good attention to design, built with VueJS 3 and Laravel.

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