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I have worked as a developer for over 20 years, principally in startups or fast-growth SMEs. I am able to identify the business requirements and focus on delivering a return on investment as quickly as possible.

My skills include:

  • Over 20 years PHP full-stack development including with Symfony and Laravel frameworks

  • JS development since the early days of JQuery - recently 2 years of Vue and Nuxt, delivering a Nuxt v3 website at www.phoenixhsc.co.uk

  • Wide range of DBs/persistency stores including PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, Redis, SQLite, etc

  • Cloud platforms including AWS and DigitalOcean

  • Product ownership and project management

I am able to bring together a small team to deliver your project and can provide references. I provide experience, understanding and high quality, reliable solutions starting from £500 per day.

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