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My name is Poya Shad, a 31-year-old Swedish full-stack developer currently living in Malmö. Proficient in full stack development, with expertise in front-end technologies like NuxtJS, VueJS, HTML and CSS for responsive and interactive web applications. Back-end skills include NodeJS for building scalable server-side applications and Python for data processing and scripting.

At Prym.io, I steered our technological direction from 2021 until April 2024, leading the creation of a robust serverless architecture in AWS that seamlessly merges IoT data with essential applications. My role involved enhancing decision-making tools through superior data visualization and system integrations, focusing on security, scalability, and real-time analytics.

I am willing to take ownership and initiative, I am eager to bring my technical skills, passion for innovative development and entrepreneurial mindset to your team.

Let's connect and explore how we can transform your next project into a success story.

Poya's Contributions:

  • Technical Leadership: Passionate about creating technical solutions that not only solve current challenges but also anticipate future opportunities.

  • Project Management: Excels in balancing the critical aspects of scheduling, budgeting, and managing technical complexity.

  • Hands-on Development: Enjoys diving into coding and development, working across the full development stack to understand and tackle technical challenges from various angles.

  • Integrations: Experienced in bringing together different teams, technologies, and departments to enhance project cohesion and execution.

Areas of Technical Expertise:

  • Frontend: Nuxt.js, Vue.js, JavaScript, TailwindCSS, DaisyUI

  • Backend: Python, Node.js, CI/CD, Serverless architecture

  • Cloud Technologies: AWS (Amplify, Lambda, DynamoDB, etc.), Azure, Cloudflare, Vercel

  • Database Management: NoSQL solutions, relational databases, time series databases

  • Data Visualization & Analysis: Grafana, Python (NumPy, Pandas)

  • GenAI: Langchain, Pinecone, OpenAI

Industry Experience:

I bring valuable experience from various sectors, including:

  • Industry, with a stint at Sandvik, where i worked on smart tubes and in R&D.

  • Real Estate, through my work at Akelius, in connected real estate.

  • Energy, at Omexom, where i contributed to the digitization of connected transformers.

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