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Rapid vuejs development on Restful json api

Job description

Job Title: Vue.js Developer

Location: New York City

Employment Type: Contract

Duration: 6 months (possibility of extension)


We are seeking a skilled Vue.js developer to join our team and assist in rewriting our front end for a work order and account receivable and payable web application. The ideal candidate should be proficient in using restfuljs API and have a strong command of Vue.js to help us enhance the performance and functionality of our web application. This is a great opportunity to contribute to an exciting project and work with a talented team to drive innovation and efficiency.


- Collaborate with the team to understand project requirements and objectives

- Develop and implement front end features using Vue.js

- Utilize restfuljs API to integrate backend services

- Ensure the application is optimized for speed and scalability

- Troubleshoot and debug issues to maintain application performance


- Proven experience as a Vue.js developer or similar role

- Proficiency in Vue.js and its core principles

- Familiarity with restfuljs API and integration techniques

- Strong understanding of web markup, including HTML5 and CSS3

- Knowledge of state management libraries such as Vuex

- Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail

- Good communication and collaboration abilities


- Competitive compensation

- Remote work flexibility

- Opportunity to work on a cutting-edge project

- Collaborative and dynamic work environment

- Potential for long-term engagement

If you are passionate about Vue.js development and eager to contribute to the success of our project, apply now to join our team and help us move faster towards our goals!

Hybrid position
Flag of United States New York, NY, USA
Work permit
Flag of United StatesUnited States
Work type
Work level
Date posted
28 days ago

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