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Senior FrontEnd/FullStack Developer

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Looking for an experienced FrontEnd/Fullstack Developer who will join our mission to build the best product for other techies like you and us. You will be responsible for end-to-end feature development and actively contribute at every stage of product development.

Tech stack: Vue 🟢 / AntD / Express / Mongo / Serverless

Quantify helps organizations mature their Lean/Kanban/Agile practices by providing easy and contextual access to Flow/Kanban metrics and other actionable insights. We eliminate waste like manual time logging by leveraging the workflow data and calculate time spent automatically!

Trusted by over 1,700 teams around the globe.

Time zone overlap with Vancouver, Canada (PST/PDT/GMT-7) is critical. Preference will be given to candidates from the Latin American region.

America/Vancouver 4h
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11 days ago

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