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Frontend Engineer - Position Closed

Job description

Thank you for your interest in MedoSync.

This position is now closed!

Best regards, The MedoSync careers team!

Frontend or Full stack developer (Min. 5-7 years’ experience)


  • You must live in a GDPR compliant country (EU/UK)

  • English speaking

  • You must hold a EU passport or EU work permit

  • Our preference is a hybrid model (Dublin, Ireland) but remote work will be allowed for the right candidate.

Unfortunately we cannot hire outside the EU/UK so applicants that do not meet this criteria will be automatically disqualified.


Primary capabilities

  • JavaScipt

  • NodeJs

  • Vue

  • Quasar

  • Apollo/Axios/GraphQL/OpenAPI

Secondary capabilities

  • React

  • Python

  • SQL (MySQL or PostGres experience)

Nice to have

  • Bi-lingual (German/Dutch)

  • i18n experience

  • Rust

  • PHP8 Zend framework v1


  • Further development of existing product and development of new products      

  • Solving issues that occur on frontend by understanding how issue may have been created in backend

  • Frontend coding facilitating hooks between frontend and backend

  • Ability to think from the perspective of the customer and how they may use the system

  • Technical support for the application being developed

  • Relative autonomy to deliver applications to completion

  • Design meetings give direction, developer responsible for delivery

  • Working closely with PM, QA, UX, UI, frontend and backend developers

  • Unit testing on newly built components


€60k - €80k DOE

About MedoSync

Founded in 2019, MedoSync is on a mission to eliminate waste from the medical billing so that hospitals resources are freed up to focus on great patient care; insurers can concentrate on activities with maximum benefit for their members health; and doctors can spend more of their working time with their patients. We are guided by two values, growth and accountability.

“Someone with a growth mindset views intelligence, abilities, and talents as learnable and capable of improvement through effort. On the other hand, someone with a fixed mindset views those same traits as inherently stable and unchangeable over time.”

What does this mean for our stakeholders?

Company: We are in the business of change. We are moving the healthcare industry from paper based systems to web based systems. We must believe in the capacity for change and improvement. Growth doesn’t happen alone and by definition it means we don’t have all the answers. We believe in the power of being open to change and improvement. We seek opinion, we seek expertise and we make informed decisions based on what we learn. Learning from experience and integrating experience is a key component of how we run the business.

People: We value people who don’t think they are done. They are looking to improve themselves, learn new things, try new things and benefit learning gives you – experience.

Customers: Our customers are moving to a new way of doing things. They are asking their staff to learn new skills, to do things they haven’t done before and to embrace the chaos of change. We seek these customers out as ideal partners.

“Accountability at work. It means showing up and setting out to accomplish the things you’d said you’d do. It’s about taking personal responsibility for your work. It’s also trusting in your teammates and knowing you can count on each other to get things done.”

Company: Achieving accountability means setting clear objectives for the company and communicating this path to everyone who is part of achieving the objectives. Everyone is working to the shared objective and can see their part to play in it. Accountability means honesty and transparency. Accountability allows for failure.

People: We value people who take responsibility for their work and complete this work to the best of their abilities. They don’t mind being held to account or holding their team to account in order to achieve better outcomes. This is done in a respectful and collaborative context.

Customers: We have obligations to our customers and we must make sure we deliver a product that delivers exactly what we is promised.

Remote allowed
Flag of Ireland Ireland
Europe/Dublin 2h
Work permit
Flag of European UnionEuropean Union
Work type
Work level
Date posted
23 days ago

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