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Full-Stack Web Developer

Job description

Please only apply if you're based in the United States. As a core member of our team, you'll need to be available when our clients are – currently every timezone in the US.

About This Role

You'll be our first dedicated full-stack web developer after our founder. As our client portfolio grows, we're looking for someone to split the workload with.

We work with small- to medium-sized business and early-stage startups building custom SaaS solutions they either deploy internally or resell as a product. You will be responsible for collaborating with clients and our project manager to create intuitive technical solutions to complex business problems. We fit in wherever clients need us, so you may find yourself anywhere on the map from brainstorming ideas, to mentoring client developers, to rapidly shipping well-tested code.

This is a full-time salaried W-2 position. While we do require you to be in the US, you will have a flexible work schedule outside of mandatory internal and client meetings.

About You

You're a good fit for this role if you're a self-starter, ask all the questions, and are empathetically driven to create good software. Here are some of the skills we're looking for:


  • 4-6 years of Laravel experience

  • 3-5 years of Vue.js experience (Vue 2, 3, or combined)

  • MySQL or similar DBMS experience

  • Strong Sass/CSS skills

  • Experience translating business requirements into technical deliverables

  • Confidence and understanding to own an entire development project

  • Solid communication skills – you may be on a number of video calls in any given week

  • Curiosity to always learn something new

  • Git experience (we may or may not use GUIs over here)

  • Coffee


  • Tailwind CSS experience

  • AWS infrastructure experience (primarily around EC2, RDS, S3, and Lambda)

  • Comfortable around a Linux CLI

  • Figma/Adobe XD chops

  • Webflow/WordPress or similar CMS experience

About Us

Diglactic, an amalgam of "Digital" and "Galactic", is a small fully-remote app agency based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, aka the "Silicon Slopes." Since 2019, we've served customers of every shape and size with one simple goal: to provide honest, quality, software that directly addresses client needs. We work hard to build a relationship with clients, and many go on to have us maintain and add features to their apps for years. Clients value our expertise in creatively solving business problems and trust us to deliver well-built software that can stand the test of time.

How to Apply

Sound like a fit? Email work@diglactic.com with the title of this role as your subject line. Include your resume and a few sentences about why you're awesome along with any relevant links that showcase work experience.

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