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Senior Developer - Vue

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Jacksonville Beach, FL, USA
Job type
USD 70000-100000
1 week ago

Company description

Inventory Source is a small company with passionate team members located 2 blocks from the beach! Due to our small team size, developers working here interact directly with our product team on major initiatives and contribute directly to the success of our company and our users. Tasks presented often allow for creative freedom and require quick iterations to champion to completion. There are mentors available - but given the small company size - developers working at Inventory Source will have the opportunity to work independently and with autonomy.

Job description

We are building a new product that leverages Vue JS and elastic / scalable solutions hosted in AWS. Developers at Inventory Source are a vital part of our business as they build our core product and help define core workflows to empower our users.

Ideal candidates have worked with Vue JS or a comparable Javascript frameworks with the ability to translate concepts into other frameworks. Candidates should also be able to create API endpoints that interact with different data stores (i.e. familiarity with complex SQL & NoSQL DB engines) and create complex algorithms at times.

While having a degree is helpful - we are ultimately seeking passionate developers that are motivated, quick to learn, and are eager to be a main contributor on a small team. Working remotely is allowed at times, but this position requires the majority of time spent in-office with our development team.

Your Mission :

  • Create exceptional UI / UX experiences leveraging Vue.js, Bulma, and SCSS
  • Build development tools and re-usable components that catalyze the development of new features and functionalities
  • Interact with various data stores to present and persist data - including relational SQL engines, NoSQL engines, and key/value memory storage (PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis)
  • Code complex algorithms that factor in memory and time complexities to solve large-scale data challenges via server-side technologies (primarily Java)
  • Work with the product team to understand core functionality and bridge the gap between business use-cases and flexible technology that solves those use-cases

Requirements :

  • Several years experience working with Java and Vue JS (or comparable technologies)
  • Efficient and organized with the ability to think creatively to build robust UI components
  • Technical Concepts that candidates should have experience with :
  • Abstracting and building reusable components / endpoints
  • Dependency management (Maven, Gradle, NPM)
  • Git (branching & handling merge conflicts properly)
  • Experience with complex SQL present and persist data
  • Single Page Application life-cycle management

Experience with the following is preferred :

  • Spring Framework - Java
  • Understanding different I/O, Network, and DB bottlenecks
  • Caching concepts - when/where to use/evict caches
  • SQL - efficient / complex queries, indices, & data model
  • JOOQ or similar ORM technology
  • SOLR, ElasticSearch, or comparable NoSQL engines
  • AWS or comparable cloud Infrastructure usage

Perks :

  • 401k
  • Health Insurnace
  • Dental Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Coffee / Snacks
  • Pool Table & Kegerator in Office
  • Walking distance to beach


Agile Development
Amazon Web Services
Full Stack
Vue.js 2

How to apply

Submit sample code if available (github, bitbucket, etc.). Provide resume and earliest date of hire that you would be available.

Candidates will be required to submit a short coding assessment for consideration for this role. This will be sent after a phone interview. We try to keep the assessment simple and quick in an effort to respect a candidate's personal time.

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