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Senior Frontend Vue.js Software Developer

Job description

Company description

Jigsaw is a platform founded by two ex-lawyers who started their career working at top UK and US global law firms. This is their second joint venture; previously, they created a legal technology company called XRef that was acquired by a US private equity firm and went on to become a billion-dollar company and a household name in law firms across the world. As their latest company, Jigsaw is scaling very rapidly, and in the first year since launch, has opened a second office in Miami, closed several million dollars in funding, has clients in 3 continents and is ahead of track for over $4m in recurring revenue this year.

Jigsaw itself is the leading design tool focused on professional services (legal, accountancy and financial institutions) and transforms the complicated ideas often encountered in these industries into easy, quick and visually impactful business diagrams.

Jigsaw allows its users to quickly create, manipulate and present a variety of beautiful, data-rich diagrams, from corporate structure charts and step plans to organisation charts and privacy and data flows.

Job description

We are looking for an experienced VueJS software developer with at least 4 years Vue experience to join our existing talented team of Product Managers, Designers, Testers and Developers. As a thriving scale-up with a product now generating over seven figures of annual recurring revenue, the team is being stretched by positive pressures - customers, investors, and growth are all here, so you’ll be essential in helping us continue to scale.

If you are passionate about software development, excellent at solving complex problems and enjoy a challenge, then you are exactly what we are looking for.

Of course, at our heart, we are also a company that centres around hard work, high energy and fun! It’s up to you how you build your future here - but if you have a thirst to succeed, want to work in a highly collaborative and energised environment, and are ready to work hard, you can ask anyone here: this is an unbelievable opportunity to do just that.

Essential skills

  • Deep understanding of Vue fundamentals and core concepts
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • TailWind
  • Vuex or Pinia
  • API consumption
  • DevOps
  • Git
Remote allowed
Work type
Date posted
24 days ago

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