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Frontend Engineer | VueJS | Polkadot

Job description


  • Extending feature set, improving user experience and optimizing the client-side code
  • Creating modular components that can be re-used and recycled across the application
  • Work closely with the product & design team to implement UI designs


  • Has Open Source contributions - a public GitHub profile is a requirement
  • Generally oriented around VueJs and Typescript
  • Experience with Vue2.x, probably Vue3.x is worth having
  • Familiar with Nuxt, Vuex
  • Can Create Reusable Components
  • Familiarity with automation technologies and CI
  • Fluency in English
  • Experience working on remote and with distributed teams across timezone
  • Accomplished at least one issue in our repository in the form of a Pull Request
  • Accept payments in $KSM, later optionality for fiat payments

Nice to have

  • Ability to ask and formulate questions
  • Rich experience with GitHub workflow, like issues and Pull Requests
  • Good to have experiences with TailwindCSS, Buefy and Oruga
  • A computer science or related degree
  • Experience working on blockchain technology
  • General understanding and implementation of GraphQL
  • Experience writing unit & e2e tests using Vitest & Cypress & Playwright
  • Ability to read Rust codebase
Work type
Work level
Date posted
about 1 month ago

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