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Senior Frontend Engineer, Core

Job description

Remote - US/Canada, Full-time

We are PolicyFly — think of our platform as a framework of tools and components to build and automate products for insurance companies.

As an example, we transformed a London-based Insurer that had a consistent 8-week backlog of manual paperwork into a real-time automated system.

Yeah, but Insurance is f*cking boring.”

You might have already thrown up in your mouth a little — we get it.

Not many people actually get into the Insurance industry by choice, but what drew us to this industry was how big the challenges are and the outdated technology and solutions. Without exaggeration, this massive industry is reliant on technology that is 20+ years past its expiration date.

This legacy tech is not capable of processing and storing the crazy amount of data that these companies need to succeed in the future, and the majority of workers in insurance spend most of their time on manual, repetitive tasks.

This is a $1T industry in the U.S. alone, responsible for over 5% of the US GDP, and the tech is so wildly outdated, it’s scary. It’s the foundation that enables entrepreneurs to take risks, for companies to expand and for families to protect their livelihoods. Insurance is the vehicle that minimizes suffering and maximizes growth. And yet, the disruptions it so desperately requires haven't happened. Yet.

It may sound daunting, but this is the kind of challenge and the kind of scale that motivates us at PolicyFly. We are looking for engineers that are similarly fired-up by working on big challenges and want to join us building a solution that has a massive impact on our customers’ business and the industry as a whole.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Reports to the Engineering Manager, Core
  • Work with Product and UX teams to develop rich, beautiful UIs for:
  • Data entry
  • Complex multi-step workflows
  • Detailed data reporting and visualizations
  • Spreadsheet-like data manipulation
  • Comfortable working remotely, overlapping EST +/- 6 hours

Qualities We’re Looking For

  • Demonstrated technical leadership and mentorship
  • Strong visual design sense and design opinions
  • Deep customer empathy, curiosity, passion, integrity, and drive
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • 5 years previous experience in one of the following roles, or similar:
  • Senior Full-stack Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Frontend Engineer


  • Expert in Vue.js
  • Expert working knowledge of:
  • Modern HTML, CSS best practices
  • TypeScript, JSON, RPC frameworks
  • Cypress, Jest, or other testing frameworks
  • Reusable modular components and styling
  • Design systems, Material Design a strong plus
  • Experience integrating Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Segment or similar
  • Some knowledge of gRPC/Thrift, protobuf, Websockets, and Swagger
  • Prior experience migrating Vue.js 2 to 3, a plus
  • Prior experience with Python, Django, Docker, a strong plus
  • Strong experience writing unit and functional tests
  • Strong experience writing documentation and software requirements
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about 1 month ago

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