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Front-end developer (6 months contract, London based)

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London, United Kingdom
Job type
GBP 25000
3 weeks ago

Job description

Role description

We are looking for a front-end developer (on 6 months contract) with focus on Vue.js and Wordpress plugin development. Ideal candidate should have a previous experience working in a small agile team, great communication skills and ability to work from our hip office near Old St., London.

Technical skills required

  • Front-end development ninja skills
  • Solid advanced experience with Vue.js
  • Solid advanced experience with Wordpress plugin development (ideally published in WP plugins library)
  • Adobe CEP + Extendscript (not essential, but highly preferred)
  • Node.js
  • Webpack/Browserify etc.
  • jQuery
  • JS
  • Bootstrap/Bulma frameworks
  • Gulp
  • Git
  • Testing
  • Plain HTML conversions to frameworks like Bootstrap/Bulma etc.
  • Sketch to HTML/Wordpress
  • Electron (preferred)

Other skills

  • Ability to communicate with your team members - you will be collaborating with both, on-site and remote team members, as well as presenting your ideas on meetings etc. (nothing formal, we are a fun bunch!)
  • Feedback driven - there is a ton of feedback going on in our company, so ideal candidate would be able to consistently ask for feedback, as well as give their honest opinion to help other team members.
  • Self-motivated and highly organised
  • Ability to work in our office - we have a beautiful, fully equipped office in the heart of Silicon Roundabout (Old St.), with all amenities you might wish for and we offer some other awesome benefits (see below)
  • Working in a small agile team - we are a small team, so everything moves fast and change even faster.

What you will be working on

  • Plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud - you will be directly responsible for overlooking entire technical implementation of our plugins, this includes mainly developing, maintaining and testing yours/ours custom Vue.js frameworks, APIs, security, several Wordpress plugins etc.
  • Web apps - this includes creating, maintaining and testing all web apps we might need, including our custom Wordpress plugins and themes, landing pages, front-end frameworks etc.

What we will provide

  • Flexible working hours - prefer to come in over the weekend? Cool with us! Need occasional remote work day? No problem!
  • Great community - we are all coming from creative industry and all our projects you will be working on are aimed on creative industry - mainly motion design. We regularly attend conferences, talks and local meetups together to expand our team knowledge in multiple areas of development, design, makreting and similar.
  • Zero boring work policy - you will be working on 3-4 digital products, alongside with everyone else in our team. We don’t take any custom client work at this stage, and hope to keep it that way. This gives you freedom to express your technical creativity and develop your frameworks, workflows etc.
  • Lead developer role - our team consists of multiple highly-technical team members, but you will be directly responsible for overlooking our entire development process, collaborating with other members and making sure we follow the best possible path to publish top-notch code
  • Learning - we provide you with all learning materials you might ever need for your work
  • Office space - you will get 24/7 access, so feel free to use it outside of our working hours for whatever you want.

Who we are

We are Integnity, a small team from London working on custom digital products for Adobe Creative Cloud apps. We create innovative tools and plugins, primarily focused on mass market motion graphics and video post production. Our small team is tech-oriented, super friendly and agile - we don’t stress too much, but we work hard We aim to provide a perfect working environment for someone like-minded!



How to appply

Please get in touch with Tom directly (tom@integnity.com) and include a link to your portfolio.

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