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Like the idea of helping get kids great food instead of helping some bankers make more money? Yeah, so do we. A lot.
We are Yay Lunch, a new business concept with the mission to empower local communities by connecting people to real food, made fresh daily. Today, we are providing a meal solution that improves food quality AND access where kids learn and play. Our food services support local vendors AND remove all the pain points for school administrators and parents when it comes to supplying nutritious and tasty meals to kids.
Since launching a pilot in Spring 2018 in Charlottesville, VA, we have expanded rapidly now serving multiple markets along the East Coast. We have aggressive growth plans backed by experienced venture capital partners in the Education and Food Tech space, and we are excited about creating change in how our youth eat today.
Come join us! We’re a startup, so you should know that we will always charge hard, move quickly with agility, and require deep passion and resilience for our mission. We give our growing team of rock stars the tools to succeed with a commitment to flexibility, transparency, respect, empowerment, and positivity.To enable this work, we are hiring a passionate problem-solver who will help take our technology platform to the next level. Do you have great ideas and the enthusiasm to build them? Join our team! Together, we will brainstorm, collaborate, design, build, and ship code that gets great kids great food, right when they need it most.

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