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We believe that organizing a meeting should be easy for everyone.
Today organizing a meeting is HARD. Planning include many factors like Covid-19 travel restrictions, CO2 emissions, cost, visas, etc. Bringing all those data points together is a manual, time-consuming and inefficient process. We have solved this. We have built a technology which aggregates and visualizes all relevant data around meeting planning in a single system.
We are a global startup distributed over multiple locations including Spain, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom and France. Our customers are large global organizations and we are backed by some of the brightest minds in the travel industry including the founder of Concur, Trivago, ex-COO Uber, ex President Expedia, etc.
We just closed our $8m Series A investment round with Tier 1 investors from the US and Spain and we are looking at finding great individuals who are keen to join our team to help building an enduring growth company that serves every company in the world. Read more: https://www.trooptravel.com/troop-raises-8m-investment/

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