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Teamwork’s mission is to make client service teams around the world more efficient, organized, profitable, and happy.
Teamwork is built specifically for client service teams who need to manage multiple clients and projects from one place. Our project management platform and full suite of add-on tools support our customers’ internal teams, all of their clients, and all of their projects.
The platform fully supports and optimizes the entire lifecycle of a project, from project planning and resourcing to execution and reporting. Our customers can grow with us, as we help them deliver work on time and manage overall profitability. Additionally, our add-on tools (CRM, Chat, Desk, and Spaces) allow firms to scale and delight their clients, delivering better results and happier customers.
Teamwork is the project management platform built by people who get it. We used to run an agency and we understand our customers’ needs.
Trusted by over 20,000 teams. Our customers come for project management - then fall in love with the platform.

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