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SMS has spent a few years working on insight analysis that determines the psyche/personality of a community of constituents/consumers, and inherent segments within that community. Our projects have spanned, organizational development, consumer research, tourism, diversity/equity/inclusion, and healthcare. Our special sauce is creating trusted/authentic environments for people to share comfortably in, and in our IP for text-based analysis techniques.

The team at "SMS" is looking to take this experiential value to web-scale. We are building a progressive web app, (stack: nuxt/vue(2.x)/vuetify/Firestore). The tool is a research consortium that brings sponsors, researchers and participants together in an authentic digital environment. The MVP is done, we now additional help to productionize and grow the platform. Specifically, we need front-end(UI/css), mobile (ionic), and cloud (gcp) help.

We are starting to have conversations now. Work is fractional/contract for 2022. If full-time in a startup is interesting, that is an option to convert from contract to employee.

Last note: The analysis work is done in Python, served over Django. Further integration of this code is a future phase, which may or may not have same or different development team based on skills and interest.

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