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SciSports is a world-leading football analytics company that aims to enrich the world of football with data intelligence. Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning and software engineering techniques, SciSports transforms the huge volumes of complexly-structured data that are collected during football matches into actionable insights that drive value for football professionals and fans. By computing state-of-the-art football metrics for over 2,000 matches each week, SciSports provides actionable insights for over 180,000 football players around the world via a multitude of interfaces, including a web platform and APIs. In the coming years we are planning to deliver our solutions for other sports too including E-sports.

The SciSports Application is pivotal in exposing our award-winning, in-house-developed football metrics and insights to football organisations, media companies and betting companies. The data pipeline involves ingesting large amounts of football data from a diversity of sources, enriching and serving the data after intense data crunching using machine-learning techniques, and delivering the data and resulting insights to a web platform and customer-facing APIs.

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