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Rumie empowers people to build critical career and life skills through a free & open digital library of microlearning experiences called Bytes.

We work with expert volunteers to transfer professional insights into Bytes that form a library of transferable soft skills on topics like communication, collaboration, and creativity. We leverage data and Machine Learning to deliver recommendations and personalized insights, creating a learning experience that feels more like your favourite social media platform, empowering people to scroll with purpose.

Rumie works with distribution partners like job boards, community centres, and internet service providers to bring our library of Bytes to where people already are - through public WiFi, waiting for a bus, or even in a laundromat. So that every person has access to free and open learning.

We're a tight-knit team dedicated to empowering 50 million learners by 2025. We are funded through corporate/nonprofit partnerships to advance our mission, and by entities like the GSMA Association. does not have any jobs at the moment. Try to use our job finder.

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