Company description

We are an NFT marketplace built on Kusama / Polkadot with ambitions of becoming OpenSea for Parachains.
KodaDot has grown as a rewrite of React components -- DotApps to VueJs and continues as a leading NFT explorer and analytics in the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem.
We are looking for you, who could help us resolve a few issues in our repository forward.
First as part-time to know each other and to see your workflow and with a later option to switch a full-time job.
We are really based on culture and ethos, that's why KodaDot is community-oriented.
We are seeking a frontend lead developer (with exceptional Vue.js experience) to join the core team and work closely with the founders and advisors.
We are looking for someone who has contributed to open-source projects with a public Github profile. They’ll be an expert in Vue.js (Nuxt and Vuex) and also Typescript experience.

KodaDot does not have any jobs at the moment. Try to use our job finder.

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