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GrazeCart is an eCommerce solution built for perishable food companies. The product was originally developed for our founding & parent company (Seven Sons Farms) and is now licensed to over 400 users (all-paid).
We are recruiting a full-stack engineer who will report to our Engineering Director to help pioneer our web/technical development needs.
Here's the deal. We're a young company with a small team looking for someone who wants to learn fast and create a product experience our clients won’t forget.
We're also a family business, so you can be confident you're not joining the common high-risk, VC-funded, founder-existed, roller-coaster rat race.
Our belief is that work should make people better, not drain them of their energy. We encourage people to be real and let their personality reflect in their work (like this job post, for example).
Our mission is to build an incredible product that helps our clients grow, save time, and impact more consumers - it's a lofty goal, and we know it’ll only be achieved by a team who love where they work.

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