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Fast Track delivers solutions to help iGaming Operators with the Digital Transformation. We build a real-time data platform (FT RTD), a player engagement platform (FT CRM) and currently on a mission to make machine learning available to everyone (FT ML).

We provide a home for high-performance individuals who want to take their game to the next level. Our tech stack is cutting edge and we reinvent ourselves all the time. Continuous integration and deployment with bitbucket pipelines, including relevant workflows and approval processes. We run our code on docker with Kubernetes. All our infrastructure is managed with Terraform (infrastructure as code). Real-time logging of all services in Elasticsearch topped up with nice monitoring through Grafana. Microservice architecture with a RabbitMQ fuelled queue system. To further digitalise our development efforts and free up time, we have built internal build servers and monitoring tools to maintain scalability.

We have a flat org structure and work actively with each individual's professional development, our management team has a very clear vision and provides internal delivery teams with clear direction, support, and guidance.

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