Company description

We want to help the software engineers to grow in their career and be a better engineer.
As a first step, we want to provide our users a detailed and precise evaluation of their current experience using many sources (GitHub, GitLab, StackOverflow, HackerRank, Medium, Udemy, etc). On the meanwhile, help them to improve: recommend relevant jobs, or for example, if somebody wants to be a frontend developer we want to be able to provide a personalized learning path (books, articles, GitHub repos, Twitter accounts to follow, etc) based on the other success frontend developers.
Established: 2017
Stage: Early Stage
Innonic Group Zrt: 200,000 USD
Hiventures: 1,240,000 USD
CodersRank is a multi-award-winner startup (regional Get In The Ring competition & Central European Startup Award etc). But we know business is not about gathering various awards. Although we are a small bunch (yet), but we have plans for world domination - or at least, we’d like to be in business for a long, long time. And fortunately, we’ve also had the necessary investments to reach our goals.
In the first year, nearly 15,000 coders joined our community. So we won't stop but focus on reaching 100,000 coders worldwide for the next year.

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