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VueJobs has been developed by Vue.js and Laravel enthusiasts whose aim is to contribute to the growing community by helping companies find Vue.js talent around the world. When you register with Vue.js jobs, companies will be able to list jobs and developers will have the chance to apply for those jobs.

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Israel Ortuño

Freelance full-stack web developer. I like playing with cutting-edge technologies. Loving Laravel and Vue.js since their origins.
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Jilson Thomas

I'm a frontend/backend developer and UI designer. I have a deep interest in pixel perfect, user-centric design with a special focus on the user experience.

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We are a Vue.js niche

Our Vue.js job board is a niche job site. We provide job listings for the Vue.js market so we can ensure most of our job seekers are matching 100% of your main job requirement, Vue.js knowledge.


Help the Vue.js community

We like to play closely with the Vue.js community. We donate part of our incomes (in different forms) to sponsor local Vue.js communities to help them promote and share experiences using Vue.js.


Sponsoring Vue.js development

VueJobs has been a sponsoring Vue.js development via Evan's Patreon Campaign since we started. Posting a job with us will ensure that this sponsorship last forever.

Hire Vue.js developers

Post a job with us and let us help you find the Vue.js talent that you are looking for. All postings include:

  • List your job in our social media and leading partners.
  • Contribute to Vue.js development and its community.
  • Sponsor Vue.js related meetups.
  • Include your job in our weekly newsletter.

And much more! Check out our pricing to discover:

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Proudly sponsoring development

Evan You (Vue.js creator) started a Patreon campaign in order to work on Vue.js development fulltime. We are really proud of being one of his backers and help the Vue.js project and community (which is loved by all) grow.

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