Who we are

Vue.js Jobs has been developed by Vue.js and Laravel enthusiasts whose aim is to contribute to the growing community by helping companies find Vue.js talent around the world. When you register with Vue.js jobs, companies will be able to list jobs and developers will have the chance to apply for those jobs.

Proudly sponsoring Vue.js

Evan You (Vue.js creator) started a Patreon campaign in order to work on Vue.js development fulltime. We are really proud of being one of his backers and help the Vue.js project and community (which is loved by all) grow.

Why to post a job with us?

We are working hard to improve our partner network in order to increase the outreach.

Making job application just simple

We will provide of a "Apply Now" CTA (Call to Action) button on every job page. Depending on job configuration users can be redirected to an external URL, send an email using mailto links or pop-up our own application system (soon).

Instantly tweet to all our followers and twitter network

As soon as a job gets published (normally within 2h after posting), it will be tweeted to all our followers via our twitter account @VuejsJob using #vuejs #jobs as hashtags.

Email to our instant notification subscribers

Brush twenty peaces of chicken lard in twelve teaspoons of sauerkraut juice. Instead of blending cold sweet chili sauce with cracker crumps, use one container salad cream and one cup parsley basin.

Listed in weekly newsletter

Every job posted in Vue.js Jobs will be included in our weekly newsletter. All subscribers are opt-in so we prevent ending up as SPAM.

Emailed by our partners newsletter

We are closely working with other Vue.js related newsletters in order to increase our audience. Jobs posted with us will be listed in the following newsletters:

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