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Are you a Front End Developer who is deeply passionate about the web and loves to make user experiences captivating and dynamic? You define creativity combined with strong coding skills, deep understanding of enterprise systems and know that our existing customers demand phenomenal things for their custom solutions. Building web applications that include security, session management, and best development practices is second nature to you. You like to talk to customers and assure that your innovative projects meet and exceed their expectations for the best Zendesk experience possible.

What you get to do every day:

  • Drive and code solutions for customers. Enabling innovative solutions for their Zendesk

  • Collaborate with other key partners to deliver on time tested and reusable code in a fast-paced environment

  • Identify business need and adapt solutions that align with the customer's brand

  • You work at the crossroads of business needs and development and can deliver rapid iterations that drive customer agent performance.

  • Work with professional services leadership and others to build beautifully simple technical solutions

  • Strong organizational skills to balance multiple tasks within the constraints of timelines and budgets with eye for business

What you bring to the role:

  • 2-4 years as a Front End developer with web technologies to include: Vue.js, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Workato

  • Expert knowledge of compatibility and cross-browser issues

  • Able to iterate quickly turning mockups into HTML and CSS

  • A passion for the end-to-end solutions that drive the user experience and customer happiness

  • Experience maintaining the technical needs of sites, apps, and highly used integrations

  • Detailed understanding of how a mobile user experience differs from the experience on a web or other application

  • Self-learner & detail oriented. You better be able to prioritize and multi-task because we have a lot of cool stuff for you to work on!

  • Results-oriented problem diagnosis and creative problem solving skills

What we can offer you:

The opportunity to learn, or improve on your skills in:

  • Zendesk API

  • Zendesk App Framework

  • Zendesk Channel Framework

  • Zendesk REST API

  • ES6, jQuery, underscore, momentjs

  • Vue.js

  • JWT, oauth

  • git

  • Webpack

  • Adobe

  • InVision App

Where we work:

Being digital first doesn’t mean we’re digital only. In this role, our hybrid experience is designed at the team level to give you a rich onsite experience packed with connection, collaboration, learning, and celebration - while also giving you flexibility to work remotely part of the week. This role must attend our Mexico City office on a weekly basis for part of the week. The specific in-office schedule is to be determined by the hiring manager.

Hybrid position
Flag of Mexico Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
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Date posted
18 days ago

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