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Application Developer - front end focused

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Application Developer – frontend focused

Full-time, remote (Canada only)

The Project

We are working on exciting new applications where you will join the development team as an integral part of its ongoing development and success. We are striving to offer our clients and internal teams the best solutions in our industry. You will be primarily focused on the front-end, driving the responsive design, styling, and positive user-experience. Occasionally, you may be called upon for light back-end development, especially when key members are busy or on vacation. Additional side projects and tasks will be assigned to the development team that may involve diving into your full-stack tool belt. We have offices across Canada, but you are welcome to work wherever you feel most comfortable and can be most productive. You will be reporting to the Lead Application Developer with a dotted line to the IT Manager.


  • 5+ years of working with JavaScript, CSS, HTML5

  • 3+ years writing complex front-end applications using Vue

  • 3+ years working with PWAs involving service workers, state management, etc

  • 2+ years experience in PHP 7+ and comfortable using Laravel

  • 2+ years experience working with MySQL, SQL Server

  • Extensive knowledge of Vue Components, Vuex, and Vue-CLI

  • Knowledgeable in Webpack and code-splitting

  • Experience in offline mode and utilizing local storage

  • Comfortable using Git, GitHub

  • Self-motivated and able work under minimal supervision


  • Knowledge of Linux commands, configuration, and administration

  • Strong understanding of MVC frameworks and SOLID principles

  • Experience using Redis

  • Test Driven Development experience with PHPUnit

  • Experience building SaaS or e-commerce products using payment processing platforms such as Stripe or PayPal

  • Experience with .NET 4+ Framework and integrating systems

  • Experience working with Microsoft Graph; or other cloud RESTful APIs

  • Familiarity with Tailwind CSS


  • Group benefit plan including health, dental, vision, drugs, and life insurance

  • Remote work and flexible hours – provided assignments are delivered on time

  • Laptop, smart phone, and any other gadgets to perform your duties

  • Potential for bonuses based upon performance and results


Email Resume and Cover Letter to: itjobs@skywaycanada.ca

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Flag of CanadaCanada
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Date posted
29 days ago

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