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Vue.js Developer (Nuxt, Storefront 2)

Job description

🔥 We are looking for Vue.js Developer with excellent knowledge of Nuxt and Storefront 2

🟦 Responsibilities

  • Developing and maintaining web applications using Vue.js and Nuxt.js frameworks

  • Creating interactive user interfaces and implementing complex features based on Storefront 2

  • Designing and implementing scalable, modular, and reusable code with Vue.js and Nuxt.js

  • Optimizing web application performance by identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks

  • Troubleshooting issues and debugging code to ensure the smooth operation of web applications

  • Working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create responsive web designs

🟦 Requirements

  • Minimum 2 years of experience as Vue.js Developer

  • Excellent knowledge of Nuxt framework

  • Experience working with Vue Storefront 2

  • Ability to design and develop interactive web applications

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Communicative English skills

🟦 We Offer

  • 80-140 PLN/hour (net)

  • B2B contract type

  • Full-time job

  • Remote and flexible working hours

Flag of Poland Gliwice, Poland
Work type
Work level
Date posted
15 days ago

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