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Sr. Software Engineer

Job description

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain modern Vue.js single-page applications

  • Develop resilient frontend integrations for our internally-developed REST APIs

  • Monitor and debug issues that may arise in deployment environments

  • Understand and translate stakeholder requirements into rich user interfaces

  • Work collaboratively with the other members of our software engineering team to deliver quality software applications to stakeholders

  • Continually strive to uphold and improve standards of code quality across our codebases


  • At least one open source project you can showcase on GitHub (can be anything!)

  • 4+ years developing and maintaining single page JS applications, some of which using Vue.js

  • Experience leading and managing small groups of engineers to deliver new features

  • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science (or similar), or equivalent industry experience or OSS experience

  • Strong understanding of modern front-end web development fundamentals: modern (ES6+) JavaScript, HTML and CSS, performance, accessibility, and security

  • Experience using Git for source control and working with remotes (e.g. GitHub)

  • Some knowledge of back-end technologies (we work primarily with Python)

  • Demonstrated experience collaborating with engineers and stakeholders, meeting short-term goals, and creating long-term partnerships

Desired Characteristics:

  • Open source work, ideally on GitHub

  • Experience with Python web frameworks (e.g. Django)

  • Experience working with cloud hosting platforms (e.g. Heroku, Google Cloud Platform, etc.)

  • Experience with front-end testing

  • Understanding of CI/CD tools such as GitHub Actions

  • Experience working with bundlers (e.g. Webpack) directly

  • Familiarity with Bootstrap and Tailwind

Hybrid position
Flag of United States Charlotte, NC, USA
Work permit
Flag of United StatesUnited States
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Work level
Date posted
8 days ago

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