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Consider joining our growing FinTech company on its mission to use collaborative technology and data science to make an Impact, and democratize access to opportunities, primarily in the Financial Services industry.

Title:                       Senior Frontend Engineer

Role:                       In this Senior Frontend Engineer role you’ll work with our Business Development, Customer Success and Technology teams to ensure that our world-class existing clients and our prospective clients have exceptional experiences engaging with Lenox Park during the client on-boarding process, and while using our technology products. Your position will be instrumental in building our newly redesigned application components with VueJS and Vuex as well as take part in conversations with product team colleagues about business requirements, creating mock-ups and wireframes as needed to support prototyping and decision-making.

Location:               Remote (USA). We believe our team members are most productive when they live in the places they choose, and establish schedules that offer flexibility. We have clusters of team members that live in New York City and in Austin, Texas, but even in those cities, our staff works remotely. In order to keep our domestic and international team members engaged with each other for optimal collaboration, we encourage safe and responsible in-person gathering when it makes sense.

Requirements:     Candidates applying for this position must have all the following:

§  At least 4 years of full-stack web development experience in a professional setting

§  Deep understanding of VueJs / Vuex fundamentals and core concepts

§  Ability to implement designs from wireframes / mockups into reliable and reusable code

General Expectations: As a Senior Frontend Engineer, you’ll have proven through your past work experiences your ability to work with other senior and junior engineers in order to improve organization’s frontend architecture design. This includes but not limited to:

§  Being willing to learn our technical stack and (eventually) demonstrate ownership of our existing codebase and infrastructure

§  Implementing new VueJs components from existing designs

§  Integrating VueJs components with our existing API

§  Performing code reviews and helping other team members follow our architectural concepts

§  Knowledge of Laravel framework is a plus

Our Hope:             We firmly believe that our people are our most valuable asset and that if we continue to assemble exceptionally talented and diverse individuals, our firm has the best chance of maintaining the trajectory of success we’ve established to date. Individuals who’ve found the most comprehensive forms of success and fulfillment at Lenox Park tend to be fully aligned with our mission. They also exhibit professional maturity, natural curiosity about the finance or technology arenas, and an eagerness to learn. In the past, we’ve hired team members with degrees in Economics, Business (Finance, Marketing), Communications, Computer Science, Engineering and are open to other areas of study. We value individuals who have a record of great judgement and a keen interest in developing themselves and the team around them.

We’re driven by a mission that prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion and we hold ourselves accountable to setting an example, and being the change we want to see in the world. To that end, we encourage all our colleagues to lend their full authentic selves to our mission and contribute to the cultivation of an inclusive culture that values diversity. This way, we have the broadest possible set of perspectives, while tackling some of our industry’s most meaningful challenges.  

In order to be successful as a Senior Frontend Engineer one should demonstrate attention to detail and have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. In addition, you should have experience with large projects. This means that you've created significant software projects from scratch, or at least large components of one, and demonstrated that you can do quality work under a deadline. You make decisions with the big picture in mind, have a point-of-view about good software architecture, and can guide other developers when needed. You can quickly find your way around a complex codebase.

Another very important element is that you communicate and work well with others: You exhibit good communications skills and collaboration habits, both written and verbally, by providing accurate time and effort estimates, creating good requirements and documentation, and working to ensure the team meets agreed-upon deadlines. You are comfortable working with product and project managers to plan weekly sprints, capable of prioritizing and undertaking multiple projects at once, and experienced with Agile development methodologies. When needed, you are cool under pressure.

About Lenox Park: Lenox Park Solutions is an early-stage FinTech company that develops tools and resources to help investors and other decision-makers better collaborate with one another and use data science to inform their decisions. Leveraging deep experience in investment banking and asset management, Lenox Park has developed technological best practices after years of working with some of the most well-respected investment firms in the world. Our RoundTables platform is an invitation-only, cloud-based networking platform that allows organizations to share ideas and best practices; more efficiently gather and centralize metrics and data; and provide a lens of ‘Impact’ through which all decisions can be assessed. Lenox Park has had success introducing our technology to the marketplace, attracting dozens of clients that are widely known to be some of the most sophisticated, well-respected investment institutions in the world.

DEI Impact:           We’ve assembled a very diverse team, but don’t take our word for it; just look at our Lenox Park Impact Scores (“LPI”) below (click link for more information). LPI Scores are statistical measures designed and crafted with our clients to asses DEI impact through representation within an organization. We’re proud to report that our aggregate DEI impact score, as measured by gender and ethnically diverse representation in Lenox Park’s ownership, leadership and total workforce ranks us in the 85th %ile – meaning we have more diverse representation than 85% of the firms in the RoundTables platform. We’ve prioritized diversity, equity and inclusion from inception, assembling a very diverse Advisory Board where more than 85% of the members identify as Black or Latino. Our Executive Management (Leadership) team, which includes our 2 Co-Founders ranks in the 86th %ile for Ethnic Diversity, relative to the universe of firms in RoundTables; and in the 79th %ile for Gender Diversity. Our total workforce ranks in the 89th and 84th %iles for gender impact and ethnically diverse impact, respectively. In addition to gender and ethnic diversity, we’re also intentional about cultivating a space where our current team members who identify as LGBTQ+, Neurodivergent or as a Religious Minority feel a deep sense of belonging.

Benefits & Perks:                We continue to invest in the culture of our firm and our intention is to be the most obvious and best place for you to build a successful and rewarding career. We offer:

§  Competitive salaries, commensurate with your experience and the market

§  Work remotely. We’ve established a culture that values hard work, but also greatly values flexibility for the environment within which you do that work

§  Medical, dental and vision coverage

§  Generous paid time off

§  Paid Parental Leave

COVID-19:             For the safety of our communities, and in order to meet in-person with our colleagues and clients in a safe and responsible manner, we require members of our teams to be vaccinated if they are in jurisdictions where a vaccine is available. In accordance with guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), we may consider reasonable accommodations when a candidate is unwilling to get vaccinated for medical reasons or based on sincerely held religious beliefs, unless such an accommodation would cause undue hardship for our business.

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