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Senior Frontend Developer | Nuxt/Vue JS

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We're looking for a skilled, Senior level Vue.js (NUXT, specifically) developer to join our team of designers and developers to create web applications, websites, and other platforms for our clients. You will be responsible for developing frontend websites and web applications, and enhancing user experiences through high level transitions and CSS animations. Integrating 1st and 3rd party APIs will be part of your day to day. The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills and ability to create testable, reusable, and scalable code.


  • Collaborate with a team of developers and designers to create innovative web applications that draw the user’s attention and interest.

  • Create reusable, effective, and scalable JavaScript code

  • Create and/or implement frontend components with Vue.js/NUXT

  • Translate the client’s technical requirements into code

  • Effectively communicate to the team when API modifications are needed

  • Test and update web applications so that it can be used on all web browsers

Skills and Qualifications

  • Written and verbal English language proficiency

  • 3-5+ years of professional experience in Nuxt/Vue

  • Highly proficient in JavaScript, modern JavaScript, HTML, modern CSS/SCSS, Flexbox/Grid, Tailwind

  • Maintain high standards of quality of code, functional specification documentation, and deliverables

  • Proficient using Git and NPM (Code reviews)

  • Experience writing code TDD (Jest or others)

  • Knowledge developing using Storybook preferred

  • Experience integrating 1st and 3rd party APIs

  • Experience working with Webpack, Cloudflare Workers, and the Cloudflare platform preferred

  • Experience with Core Web Vitals and website performance

  • Experience debugging code using Bugsnag, or a similar translatable framework

Bonus Points

  • React Native experience

  • Clover POS app (Android) development

Flag of United States Rocklin, CA, USA
America/Los_Angeles 4h
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Work level
Date posted
20 days ago

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