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What we do 

Founda Health empowers healthcare providers, digital health solutions, IT teams and payers via a scalable API infrastructure for healthcare. Powered by a translation engine that can transform data into standardized inputs compliant as per healthcare norms, we ensure the system works in real-time, seamless, secure and interoperable.At Founda, we are building the global infrastructure to empower innovators in building tomorrow’s healthcare system, today.

Position overview

As a Senior Software Engineer, your role will be instrumental in advancing healthcare interoperability. We're currently developing a self-service global infrastructure designed to facilitate seamless, secure, and compliant data exchange between data providers (such as care providers) and data consumers (including applications, lab systems, IoT devices, and other care providers). Our mission extends to a global scale, presenting an array of challenges due to diverse healthcare processes, diverse electronic health record (EHR) implementations, unique terminologies, fragmented data (standards), and varying regulations.

Things you could be working on:

  • Build a self-service VPN service that allows our customers to easily connect their VPN to ours.

  • Improve queue resiliency to ensure delivery of messages at all times.

  • Build world class developer experience for our API gateway.

  • Work on a data normalisation layer that ensures a uniform gateway experience independent of the EHR system that is interacted with.

  • Expand our interaction patterns by adding new functional flows in a standardised way.

  • Rewrite a performance heavy service from node to golang.

In our engineering team

  • We value teamwork and collaborate to tackle complex problems.

  • We actively contribute to the roadmap.

  • We perform code reviews and test our work. These activities are integral to our daily workflow. We prioritize quality over quantity.

  • We all have the ability to push code to production; ownership is a core value.

  • We can contribute across the entire codebase, ensuring a collaborative and inclusive environment.

  • We have engineering leadership that has a technical background. We provide mentorship and guidance.

  • We are committed to your individual growth and invest in your professional development.

  • We work on projects that positively impact the world every day.

  • We have a remote first culture, but like to meet once a week in our clubhouse.

Our technology stack

  • Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Terraform, AWS.

  • Back-end: Node.js, Typescript, Golang, Python, Postgres, Redpanda, Redis, Pact.

  • Front-end: Vue 3, Typescript, Nuxt, Vite, Pinia, Antdv, Pact, Playwright.

  • Tooling: Gitlab, Elastic, Prometheus, Alert manager, Github co-pilot, Unleash, Sentry, ArgoCD, Linear.

  • Working methodology: Shape up.

Our ideal candidate

  • Demonstrates a versatile engineering skill set, contributing to various parts of the platform; a true Polyglot engineer.

  • Is comfortable working with two or more of the following languages: TypeScript, Golang, Python, or Java.

  • Brings multiple years of production experience with event-driven (micro)services in a scaling environment.

  • Advocates for a strong engineering culture and cloud native thinking. Actively supports its continuous improvement.

  • Possesses a proactive "can-do and can-learn" mindset.

The recruitment process

  1. Introductory call - with our people partner and one of your future engineering colleagues. We look forward to getting to know you and tell you all about Founda.

  2. Technical Deep-Dive Session - with two of your future peer engineers. A technical conversation covering a wide range of topics focused on a real live usecase.

  3. Conversation with our Head of Engineering. A final conversation to talk about company goals, your ambitions and shared expectations.

  4. Our offer. Including all the time and space you need to ask any questions. Our people team is ready to support you in this final step.


Why should you choose Founda Health?

  1. An equity incentive package; every team member is a company owner.

  2. Attractive salary.

  3. Work with purpose, meaning & ownership.

  4. Work-from-home budgets to set up your home office.

  5. A minimum of 25 holidays a year, with the flexibility to take more if needed.

  6. Extended maternity and paternity leave policies.

  7. Access to a beautiful clubhouse with a roof terrace on the Herengracht.

  8. Fun & Social events to relax and connect with each other.

Join us in our mission

We want to become the platform for data exchange within the global healthcare landscape. Ambitious and challenging? Yes, for sure! Do you want to join our adventure? Then we'd love to hear about you!

Research shows that many candidates do no apply unless they 100% fit all requirements in job ads. Please keep in mind that ideal candidates do not exist :)

We encourage you to apply if even only main requirements apply to you

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