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We set the bar very high and hope you do too. Let's respect each other's time. Serious top-level candidates based in the US only.

Echo is looking for a skilled developer to build the core frontend foundation of a new software platform. The right individual for the job is someone who knows exactly what they want to build and can execute on that vision. This person is proactive in their thinking and has the experience to suggest innovative solutions to challenges faced by the team.

Echo is a fast paced, exciting new software company in the autism space. We have partnered with some of the largest companies in healthcare and have just finished raising our seed round from the number one health tech venture capital firm. We are fully funded for success and are building our initial team of all-stars.

We are looking for an experienced Frontend Developer with extensive experience in Vue to join our All-Star team of highly motivated, creative, and collaborative individuals that are passionate about building beautiful, high-quality apps.

While our local headquarters is in Philadelphia, this is a fully remote position. Most of our developers are remote, but always from the United States. We use some great tools such as real-time whiteboarding, screen-sharing, collaborative planning and more that makes working remotely feel not so remote.


  • Convert Figma designs into modern, responsive user interfaces

  • Build and maintain core UI component libraries using VueJS

  • Develop libraries to efficiently consume backend API's

  • Implement necessary tooling for multi-page application

  • Strategize with Lead Software Architect to meet overarching design goals

  • Build great developer experience to ensure quick onboarding of new developers


  • Expert knowledge (5+ years) of Javascript/Typescript, including latest versions of ECMAScript

  • Mastery of HTML5 and CSS3

  • Working experience with CSS Preprocessors like SASS

  • Proficiency in VueJS 3 using composition API

  • Strong understanding of the Vue.js framework and its core principles

  • Experience with module bundlers, including understanding of tree-shaking and dynamic imports

  • Ability to write clean, secure, and scalable code

  • Knowledge of Version Control Systems like Git

  • Strong collaboration and communication skills

  • Passion for learning new skills and building great software

Flag of United States United States
America/New_York 3h
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Flag of United StatesUnited States
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13 days ago

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