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Senior Vue.js Developer

Job description

We have a really interesting team of people that span many different skill sets, cultures, and backgrounds. We are a melting pot of sorts. One of the things our team members enjoy the most about working at Curotec is their ability to learn new things every day, not only about technology but also about their fellow team members. Check out our website to learn more. 

We are looking for a highly-skilled front-end web developer that has experience building enterprise-grade web apps on the Vue.js framework. 


Job Requirements:

  • 5+ years of experience with Vue.js

  • Experience with React is a huge plus

  • Full-stack experience a huge plus, specifically with Laravel

  • 5+ years of experience working with REST API web services

  • Experience with headless CMS and headless WordPress is a huge plus

  • Must have advanced knowledge of browsers e.g. the DOM, canvas, asynchrony, and web security

  • Full-stack experience is a huge plus

  • Must have experience with HTML5 and CSS3

  • Must be able to take wireframes and deliver Vue.js code that meets enterprise standards

  • Experience with mobile and responsive is a must

  • Experience with real-time communication (web sockets) is a plus

  • Experience with a DevOps culture is a plus

  • Must have a strong passion for learning

  • Must have great communication skills to work with stakeholders

  • Comfortable with Git and SCM

  • Must have a strong work ethic


Daily Responsibilities:

  • Develop features for new and existing web applications

  • Work hands-on with engineers, UX designers, and project managers to prototype and build application features

  • Provide guidance on how to make products more efficient.

  • Provide guidance on how to improve the performance and scalability of applications

  • Supporting existing applications and business stakeholders

  • Working hours are 8am - 5pm EDT 



  • Base salary

  • Paid time off

  • Fun and exciting culture

  • Exposure to a global team and client base

  • Ability to have a flex schedule and work from home


Our Hiring Process

We have a 4-part hiring process that includes the following:

  • Initial Interview
    Here we have a verbal non-technical discussion to see if there is a mutual fit. We'll have questions for you about your skills and background, we'll also answer any questions you have for us about the company, compensation structure, culture, and interview process. 

  • Code Test
    In order to qualify for the position, you must pass a code test that takes 2 - 4 hours to complete. We'll send you an invite via email to log in and complete the test. 

  • Live Coding Interview
    Once you've completed the code test, we do a live coding interview that takes place on Zoom with screen share on. The interview includes a basic coding task that takes roughly 90 minutes.

  • Interview with CEO
    The final step to the interview process includes a conversation with a Curotec manager to discuss your career goals, ask any questions you have about us and go over a job offer. 

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