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Vue.js Developer

Job description

Primary Skill

  • Highly proficient with the Typescript and Javascript language and its modern ES6+ syntax and features.

  • Strong in designing application from scratch and can build strong foundation using Angular framework.

  • Highly proficient with Vue2.js or Vue3.js framework and its core principles such as components, reactivity, and the virtual DOM

  • Familiarity with the Vue.js ecosystem, including Vue CLI, Vuex, Vue Router, and Nuxt.js

Job Description

  • Good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3, including Sass or Less

  • Understanding of server-side rendering and its benefits and use cases

  • Knowledge of functional programming and object-oriented programming paradigms

  • Ability to write efficient, secure, well-documented, and clean JavaScript code

  • Familiarity with automated JavaScript testing, specifically testing frameworks such as Jest or Mocha

  • Proficiency with modern development tools, like Babel, Webpack, and Git

  • Experience with both consuming and designing RESTful APIs

  • Experience with both consuming and designing RESTful APIs

Flag of India Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaFlag of India Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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19 days ago

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