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Work with DJs and FM radio stations (freelance)
Creek, LLC Mountain View, CA, USA, Remote
Fixed price projects + ongoing work at $30 - $40 per hour.
Posted 2 months ago
A community-built platform for DJs and radio.

Job description

This is what we do:

  • We help independent radio stations (think college radio, not iHeart) build better websites and get more listeners...
  • ...so that they can help independent musicians (think Bandcamp, not Sony Music) earn more money, and make more sweet music.

We are looking for several full-stack developers who can do freelance work on numerous critical projects for these radio stations. We coordinate the work, and stations pay freelancers directly. You do not need radio or music experience. But it helps.

We also need freelance work on our core projects and platform.

Freelance worK

  • Station websites: Designing new components and handling code updates for individual station websites.
  • Developing our client-side JS audio framework.
  • Refactoring server-side code (Node, PHP) to make development easier.
  • Many other projects: centralized log collection from remote servers (written in Node.js), MySQL/Postgres database clusters, and more.


  • Vue.js 2: Our client-side toolkit uses Vue.js. Development involves following JavaScript and Vue.js best-practices, creating Vue components, and writing smart, clean APIs for those components.
  • HTML5, CSS3, Design: You will need to be fluent in HTML and CSS in order to make design updates to station websites.
  • Node.js: We have several core projects that are written in Node.
  • Modern build tools like Webpack: We need you to both follow conventions learned from the development community, and develop conventions within our codebase, to promote better development.
  • Electron: Several of our projects use Electron, and need bug fixes and further development.
  • PHP: Two of our underlying server-side platforms are written in PHP (Laravel and CakePHP). They need refactoring work and some new features. However, it will not be necessary for you to edit this code. The point is to get their external APIs clean enough that you can do anything from client-side JavaScript and server-side rendered HTML templates (think Tumblr).
  • Music experience? If you also have experience with music, audio editing, DJ-ing, or radio streaming: we want to talk to you.

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Please send an email to us, and include examples of your work.

Don't forget to highlight work that might be relevant to our projects (music, radio, Vue.js, Node.js, Laravel PHP).

If you have a GitHub, please send a link.

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