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Frontend developer on VueJS for Cycloid DevOps platform

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2 months ago

Company description

Our vision: we empower people.
Our purpose: we want to simplify DevOps and Cloud adoption, empower people (dev, ops, project manager, CTO) to focus on what matters. Cycloid team works on 2 connected activities:
- we develop Cycloid: a DevOps platform which integrates a Cloud designer which creates infra as code on Terraform, a service catalogue, a continuous integration, continuous delivery pipeline, logs, events centralisation and tracking the Cloud cost.
- we provide services on Cloud as your DevOps team: Design / Audit / Build / Migrate / Managed Services / DevOps As A Service
We are splitting the work between people who have the same skills to break the monotony, share the knowledge and avoid that we get bored when we have to work on non-fancy things.
We develop and test our code, we don’t have people dedicated to writing tests, we believe that the same people who implement features, fix bugs, etc, must implement the tests. We do code reviews, we don’t merge into mainstream any substantial code without being reviewed and approved.
We take the time that we need to build useful products and provide great services.
We are a teal organization which means that:
We believe in collective intelligence to innovate and bring people well-being in the center of everything. Flat structure is the way. Management should be redefined to place the company at the service of people not the opposite.
We are a distributed remote company, which pay co-working place for people who needed and with an office in Paris. However, everyone at Cycloid meets once every quarter at our headquarters in France to define collectively the strategy/road map/features that coming in the next quarter. Then, everyone defines their own agenda and priorities that to achieve his own goal during the quarter.
We are fully transparent on revenues, salaries, metrics and believe that everybody should have the same variable plan doesn't matter the function.
We are committed to having equality between women and men. In that way, we strongly encourage women's application.

Job description

Who are we looking for?

A passionate, knowledgeable and friendly front-end developer, within European time zones, with several years of experience crafting web applications.

Our product uses Vue.js, ES7 and above, ESLint, Jest and soon we will be migrating to SCSS for styling. Typically you will have worked with and enjoy building in Vue. There are also some parts of our product that uses SVG based libraries, such as Joint.js and D3.js, it could certainly be a plus if you are also well versed with either of these.

As a skilled front-end developer, a + would be that you know how to build a professional looking and user-friendly UI; a good eye for design and are aware of what makes a positive and negative user experience.

You are more than just a code-junkie !

You want to help us build new features (green field) and also help us make our current codebase more robust and maintainable (brown field). You are keen in helping us achieve our goal; to provide a great DevOps platform / pipeline to help Dev & Ops working together.

Our dynamic is non-hierarchical and thus equal among colleagues and work tasks. We have no project coordinator at this time so we manage ourselves within the team. If you can support us in getting things shipped, that you code well first time and in a timely manner - all the while maintaining a good level of communication (with great gif game), you will be truly welcomed. We work to empower ourselves and our teammates, anyone can offer insights to any part of the company - you will be heard.

You are, of course, happy to work remotely. You can even work at the Cycloid office in Paris if you wish. However, we do not offer relocation. All members of our organisation work in an asynchronous manner, keeping a good team culture through Slack, Google Hangouts, Github and Trello.

You will need to have adequate written and spoken communication skills in English, as we work with people from all over Europe - we converse mainly in English.

Your salary will depend on your location, experience and a personal appreciation of the team. You will be a dedicated freelance to Cycloid with vacations paid. We don't make any differences between French salaries and freelance in Europe. Everything is based on trust so we don't track hours. We are looking for dedicated people, not traditional freelances for tasks, so take it in consideration when you will send us your salary expectation.

Cycloid is committed to having equal opportunities between women and men, thus we encourage and welcome female developers to apply.

Indispensable skills:

  • Vue.js, or other javascript frameworks (React, Angular, Ember etc)
  • Keeping up to date with best practises and new technologies within FE
  • Style pre/post processors (PostCSS, SCSS, LESS, Stylus etc)
  • Style methodologies, e.g. BEM
  • Jest or other testing suites (Mocha, Chai, Jasmine etc)
  • Good knowledge of git and Github (PR’s, issues, rebasing, cherry-picking etc)
  • Ability to find the best GIFs and emoji for all situations

Nice to have:

  • Experience with webpack
  • E2E testing
  • Experience with CI/CD tools



How to apply

What do we expect you to send ?

  • At least 1 of the following: Your CV, LinkedIn profile or portfolio to contact@cycloid.io
  • A link to your public repositories (show us your best work)
  • Have you worked in remote? Since how long?
  • what is your salary expectation as a dedicated freelance taking in consideration that we pay vacations and that we take in consideration your location and your experience.

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