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Senior Front End Engineer

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Munich, Germany
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EUR 54000-85000
1 month ago

Company description

Agrando is an independent SaaS trading platform for farmers and retailers. Our vision is a borderless network of farmers and retailers - no matter what size or region - who work together to overcome current and future challenges of digitization. Our core features include digital channels to trade agricultural inputs and in-depth data analytics and benchmarking functionalities about individual trading economics. Agricultural trading today is characterised by analogue and cumbersome processes and a fundamental lack of transparency. We are creating a future for farmers and retailers in which they are able to share data in an anonymous and secure way, work together and do business smarter.

Job description

We’re looking for a Senior Front End Engineer that has a passion for hacking, building and owning a great product with high-end customer facing features, internal tools and experiences that help us and our customers become smarter. You have a proven track record of writing clean and performant code with emphasis on user accessibility.

Why you should work with us

Agrando is a project absolutely dear to our heart. We act by conviction in order to contribute to the progress of agriculture. Our main cause is to support the farmer because in the end, it's all about mutual care and cooperation. Agriculture is our home and our origin and we speak from our own experience and know about the specific needs, which makes us the perfect partner for the agricultural trading of the next centuries. We want to push the agricultural trade forward using state of the art technologies and constantly stay in motion by taking one step at a time while being excited about everything that comes along. Working with us means to make a difference and to help us developing a meaningful product that in the end has an impact on the future of sustainable agriculture and thus the food you eat everyday.

What you should bring

  • Great communication skills, ability to work in an agile team and workflow experience (git-flow, scrum, etc.)
  • 2+ years proven JS work experience in a professional or institutional environment (including usage of node/npm/yarn)
  • Demonstrable experiences with Vue.js (or at least one out of the following: Backbone/Ember/Angular/React)
  • Demonstrated facility in a HTML/CSS/SASS/LESS environment
  • General understanding of core computer programming, distributed systems, logic & cloud infrastructure
  • Open-mindedness and an attitude that encourages nurturing your skills, learning new ones while at the same time passing on knowledge in areas you excel
  • Passion for writing quality, high-performance and maintainable code following best practices by heart
  • Farming experience (just joking but having played Farming Simulator 2019 does count)

What to expect

As a Senior Front End Engineer at Agrando you will support us in the creation of our SPA frontend for the stakeholders on our trading platform (farmers, retailers, producers). You will make technologies or frameworks like Jest, Storybook (our own component library) and SASS work for you and learn about how to contribute to our CI/CD Pipelines supporting our DevOps. Most importantly, you will deep dive into latest JavaScript frameworks since our frontend core is based on Vue.js and Nuxt.js (apart from having an SPA part we also use SSR on top of Vue), Vuex, Axios, REST APIs and GraphQL. You will improve the UX and UI together with our Designers and guide them in their implementation efforts to align the product to their design philosophies. On the other hand, you will directly influence decisions supporting our DevOps, Analytics, Design and Product Department while keeping yourself in sync with the Sales & Marketing team.

Since future logic is also driven by our data intensive infrastructure it is a plus if you want to get in touch with other parts of our product like our BI & Big Data Pipelines (GCP) and Machine Learning strategies. We constantly explore latest technologies to find the best solutions to our next-gen problems - thus hacking around and bringing in your own ideas is something we highly encourage.


  • Flexible: We have a non-clock-watching culture and while the job is at our Munich Office we are very flexible when you want to work from home occasionally.
  • Events Around the Globe: Not only do we host internal Team Events, but since we are an aspiring AgTech Startup you can join us on various Trips, Conventions, Conferences (We just went to Vue.js Amsterdam and it has been a total blast), Tech Fairs, Trade Shows and other Events around the World, related to our business or the technologies involved.
  • Make a Difference: In the end we try to save our farmers money by purchasing agricultural inputs more cost-efficiently, which in turn can save farms with less revenues than production costs from bankruptcy (e.g. coming from low milk prices), while at the same time enabling private suppliers to compete and advance in the digitized agricultural trade of the future.
  • Equity Grants: We grant incentives (company shares) to employees that influence and push our company success in the long-term.
  • Advanced Training: At Agrando we believe in nurturing our skills through proper knowledge management and personal development. We encourage our employees to learn, teach and improve also through advanced trainings, workshops, (hosted) meetups or other external activities and provide them with the best resources (Udemy for Business, Nanodegrees from Udacity) for free.
  • Additional Benefits: Weapons of choice (MBP etc.), Coffee & Beer, Organic Fruits & YumYum Soups, SNES & XBOX360 Gaming


  • Frequent weißwurst breakfasts (Max Muniger Gold - best weißwurst in town)
  • Agrando summer & winter parties
  • Mandatory Agrando-Tables at the Oktoberfest & Frühlingsfest
  • We are not your average team - there are no fancy HR phrases that could properly describe our working atmosphere and team spirit. Everyone is passionate about the company and our cause and we do our best every day. Although we distance ourselves from the hip berlin-casual-startup-family-work-hard-party-hard-stuff, we are more than colleagues and Agrando is more than just our workplace. An employee turnover of 0% should speak for itself but believe us when we say that within the first few weeks we will win your heart!


Google Cloud

How to apply

Please send us a link where we can learn more about you or shoot us your CV.

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