Job description

We look for a lead developer with strong skills in web/hybrid-mobile UI design. Our app is based on VueJS web framework and material design ( components.

With the help of the product manager you will design and develop new features, refactor some part of the app, define new REST service. But you'll be more that welcome to work on backend or any part of the software stack developed by Krank team if you like.

Our Android and iOS apps use hybrid integration (so we have very few line of code in java and swift).

Our REST web services are developed in Rust and rely on distributed RethinkDB infrastructure. We also are doing deep research on improving a very heavy parallel matrix computing service for player ranking.

We have developed some analytics and marketing custom software with golang and nodejs. We use all modern saas tooling (bitbucket, drone CI, postmark, segment, keen, mixpanel, sentry, autodeploy on compute engine).

Being open and ready to learn new stuffs or having good knowledge of back/server coding / fullstack is a plus.

The team is very engaged, smart and cool and if you like challenges and sports you'll be at the right place! We are hosted by 'Le Tremplin' Paris incubator for sport startup.

We have a very strong growth (+200% every month) and the company is backed by solid investors so buckle up coz this is just a beginning.

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