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USD 90000-110000
3 weeks ago

Company description

Sparkfish is a Dallas based software development company that builds and integrates custom software, web, and mobile apps. We're a 100% US-based development team and we service a wide range of clients from startups to large enterprises.

Job description

Only US based applicants, please!

Sparkfish is seeking a hands-on, dedicated Front-End Software Developer, who is driven to push their technical skills and knowledge to build highly interactive interfaces; someone who is not looking for a typical desk job and has the desire and confidence to figure it out, mostly by your lonesome.

A talented and experienced frontend developer with expertise in web UI and interactive application development. Ideally, one with a solid background in the fundamentals of software development and have a deep understanding of best practices in various front-end languages / technologies.

We work with different clients who serve a variety of industries, so on one project you might be helping to migrate a company’s systems to the cloud, the next month you might be developing a mobile app, and still the next project you may be developing a web application. There is a ton of opportunity for a variety of innovative projects!

We're a small company, but we've landed gigs serving some big brands. In general, our company is on two tracks. We run a consulting company that helps other established companies solve their problems, whatever those might be. And, we also help new startups get their products launched. So if you like a startup environment but without all the instability, then this might be a great fit.

Please send your resume and ask questions. We will provide feedback within a few days.


  • Work from anywhere in the US (work hours should roughly align with a Central-Time Zone work day)
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Laptop allowance
  • Generous Healthcare Coverage
  • Free Life Insurance, AD&D, LTD/STD
  • 401k
  • Work with other good people

Skills Needed

  • Must have 3+ years of professional software development in web development and web technologies
  • Skilled with common front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, VUE, REACT, and Node
  • Deep experience in one or more relevant front-end frameworks, such as Vue or React or Svelte
  • Experience translating designs and wireframes into high quality responsive code
  • Expertise in cross platform testing and debugging
  • Ability to rapidly prototype and adjust in response to customer feedback
  • Experience with SPA concerns, like organizing components, state management, routing
  • Expertise with calling RESTful APIs, and some passing familiarity with GraphQL and gRPC
  • Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Tokens, OAuth, etc
  • Solid coding practices including peer code reviews, unit testing, and a passion for agile development
  • Deep experience with common front-end build pipelines and tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc

Preferred Qualifications

  • Familiarity with cloud-native applications (Azure/AWS/Heroku)
  • Familiarity with cross platform mobile frameworks such as Ionic
  • Experience with, or desire to learn, native mobile app development
  • DevOps practices and experience with Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, etc


Must be a good person. Humble, yet confident in your abilities, and able to work through both merge conflicts and people conflicts.

Sure, it'd be great if you have all the enterprise-grade training in every possible technology already. But, all we really need is a smart person with just enough experience, as long as you also have the grit and ability to google until you figure out whatever problem is in front of you.

Interview Questions

Answer 10 questions and post them in a Github gist to share your responses to review … this really saves everyone a LOT of time:

  1. How would you classify your experience level as a developer? What are your development strengths?
  2. What are your top 1-2 favorite editor(s)?
  3. Have you ever done a pull request?
  4. Do you prefer working directly with the business people? Or do you find it's best to have a go-between run interference?
  5. Have you worked with any of the cloud providers (Heroku, AWS, Azure)?
  6. Can you explain what DevOps and/or continuous integration is, and some of the benefits? Have you used anything like GitHub Actions before?
  7. Are you technology agnostic? Or are you pretty strict when it comes to things like Mac vs Windows, or AWS vs Azure?
  8. What do you know about "secure coding" practices?
  9. Have you ever had a chance to do server-side development? Does that interest you? If so, would you lean towards Node, or using some other language like C# or Python?
  10. Are you happily satisfied with Web UI development? It's totally OK if you are, but we’re curious how eager you are to expand into things like native mobile development with Swift, etc.
  11. On a scale of JavaScript to TypeScript, how critical do you think typing is to the future?
  12. Don't jest in your response, but when do you think unit testing is seriously a good idea? And when is it a complete waste of time?
  13. How comfortable are you in creating a webpack.config.js file from scratch? Would you say you are a Webpack master, or jedi in training?
  14. It wasn't too many years ago that Webpack was the new kid on the block. Have you checked out some of the up-and-coming competitors like Rollup, Snowpack or others?
  15. Explain what NPM is, like you’re talking to your mother. Also, please unravel the motivation behind Yarn.
  16. Have you ever published an NPM package? If not, based on what you just googled, what are the basic steps?
  17. Can you explain what REST sorta kinda means?
  18. For most things, REST is probably the way to go. But when do you guess GraphQL is a better fit?
  19. Even if you've never used these, describe how important you feel front-end error tracking systems are, like Rollbar, LogRocket or even Hotjar?
  20. What are your thoughts on CSS styling libraries and when to use utility libraries like Tailwind vs more complete frameworks like Bulma? What about LESS and SASS -- when are they worth it?
  21. How enthusiastic would you be if we asked to pay you to take some training courses on Udemy?
  22. How many of these platforms / languages / frameworks do you have experience with? Feel free to add similar items as you find appropriate. (organize your response in order or preference)

Node Deno TypeScript Angular React Vue Svelte Webpack Snowpack Rollup SQL Mac Windows Jasmine Jest Cypress Selenium Docker .NET C# bash shell scripts MongoDB Azure AWS Heroku BrowserStack Rollbar LogRocket Hotjar Tailwind Bulma Bootstrap Emmet


React js

How to apply

Your latest resume with answers to the 10 questions at the bottom of job description.

Only US based applicants, please!

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