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About you

  • You care deeply about making the world a better place, believe in the power of learning, strive to promote equality, and resonate with our statement of core values.
  • You love to build things, and like to think carefully about how best to serve the needs of a diverse set of users.

You will be working on Kolibri, a rewrite of KA Lite that aims to bring a wide variety of educational content to people who don't have Internet access (see the product overview deck for more info). You will be working closely with the core dev team out of our offices in San Diego. We are looking for core team members who identify strongly with Learning Equality's mission to bring basic education to under-resourced communities around the world.

Required Qualifications

You have extensive experience with web development using HTML5, JavaScript, modern JS frameworks (we use Vue.js), and CSS with pre-processors.

Preferably, you haven’t entirely succumbed to frontend fatigue and are relatively up-to-date on the latest and greatest trends. You know your way around build systems, have some experience with ES6 features, and know what Flux is good for.

You should also be well-attuned to design details, and able to create beautiful UIs both collaborating with and independent of a designer. Whitespace consistency is as important to you in the browser as the editor.

Optional Qualifications

Learning Equality is still a small organization, and we each wear many hats, so experience in any of the following areas would also be valued (though in no way required):

  • Education (e.g. teaching, tutoring, research)
  • UX research & UI design
  • Visual design / graphics / illustration / media
  • Quality Assurance (automated and/or manual testing)
  • Internationalization / Accessibility
  • Python (particularly Django), which we use on the backend

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