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Junior (Front-end) Developer (full-time)
Deverence BV Honselersdijk / The Hague, Netherlands
Posted 4 weeks ago
We're a small company growing steady. Building a developer orientated platform. Working with NodeJS and VueJS on all our code.

Job description

Do you want to help us build a flexible platform for logistic, financial and administrative processes? Using the newest technologies and the highest security standards. We work on a system that can be modified by the user to meet their own requirements, relying on a backend that is entirely connected via API techniques.


Started in 2016 with the ambition to develop software that is capable to follow business processes instead of forcing companies to follow the software process. Currently we work with three developers in close cooperation with a flower wholesale company. We are located on their premises in our own office with good facilities and plenty of parking space. From our office we literally overlook the logistic process that we develop.


  • Basic understanding or experience with JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Experience with GitHub, Vue 2, Bootstrap or software architecture is a plus
  • Sense of humour and a positive attitude or lots of chocolate to compensate
  • You know that working in a team requires the ability to expose yourself
  • You understand working in a team requires continuous communication
  • You know that the result of a discussion is better than individual ideas
  • You can work independently but also favors teamwork
  • You have an education equivalent to Research University (WO), University of Applied Sciences (HBO) or enough spare-time dedicated on Open Source/Private projects to compensate.


  • An organised peer-review development environment with automated deployment
  • You will work on a new product and will have the possibility to learn new techniques
  • You get the chance to grow along with the company
  • Flexible working hours and an office that feels like home
  • A strong leadership driven to improve your life instead of draining it


We work with a component based frontend and backend. Backend in NodeJS with MySQL, ElasticSearch and Redis. The frontend is built with Vue 2, a Bootstrap template and is connected via websockets and REST API. Using Redis Pub/Sub to other servers and frontends. The data model is entirely event-driven.

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Email us at renevs@deverence.com or give us a call at +31 70 26 20 338 (ext 3)

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