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Darmstadt, Germany
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2 weeks ago

Job description

About your future Job

You will develop web apps for customers in your project responsibility and support us in existing projects. Your work will be as diversified as our customers. A click dummy or business application with a capital "B" - everything is possible.

You will make sure that the developer experience for the team is always at its best. You are no stranger to releasing an open-source package on Github, to make your life (and that of your team members) a little easier. Together with you, we want to create something great from our customers' ideas and wishes while being in direct contact with them.

Here is a small extract of what you can expect when working for us:

  • You will develop a progressive web app, which can be used entirely offline after the first visit.
  • You will use Laravel Livewire, a novel approach to implementing full-stack web apps, to build a SAAS application for a client.
  • You will release a small open-source package to verify signed URLs in Laravel, which was created during your work with us and has since been actively used in several projects.
  • You will automate the digitalization of contract documents using OCR - entirely local within the browser.
  • You will set up a continuous integration pipeline, which creates a new version of your web app with every Git Push and publishes it directly for testing.
  • You will set up automated tests on a legacy-project to increase maintainability.
  • Within a short period, you will transform a design draft into a functional click dummy with awesome animations.
  • You will take a close look at diverse approaches for cloud development of your web app and decide to use a mixture of Docker and Netlify.

This is just a snapshot of the work we do every day. We are a team that runs the whole marathon instead of thinking in sprints. We aren't rockstars or ninjas, but above all, we are a team in which everyone enjoys their work and creates real value.

About you

If you're passionate about modern web frameworks and technologies like Vue.js, Blade, or React, you've come to the right place. Especially if you like the complete stack: For REST APIs, you prefer to use PHP (Laravel, Symfony), Typescript (Nest.js), or Go and you are familiar with cloud technologies such as Docker. Last but not least, you always strive to achieve a robust code architecture and automate recurring processes, for example, by writing test and deployment scripts for Gitlab CI.

You don't need to have comprehensive knowledge in every framework or every technology. It is much more important to us that you have fun and are interested in solving problems. You should be openminded towards new and unconventional approaches. At best, you call yourself a person who likes to question the status quo and is always looking for possibilities to improve him/herself.

(If you do so, take a look at the 3-2-1 Newsletter by Jams Clear)

Are you someone who understands coding as a craft and is motivated to do things on your own? So do we! If you like pair programming, watching laracasts, or other everyday coding activities, you will fit into our team perfectly.

Since we are a small team, our processes and our management are still short and simple. Therefore it is important to us that you're a team player, but you're also able to work autonomous and independent.


To sweeten our everyday working life a little bit, we have introduced various goodies according to the motto "What do we need to be in a good mood?".

No matter if an unlimited supply of Mate, Fritz Kola, and snacks, subsidized lunch, clickbar. merchandising stuff, height-adjustable desks, a laptop for work of your choice, a personal training budget, or a regular round of Super Smash Bros after a productive working day. Fun at work is essential to us.


Qualifications/Your profile

  • Experience in developing web apps in Vue.js or React, including good HTML, CSS, and Javascript knowledge.
  • Experience in developing REST APIs in PHP (Symfony, Laravel), Typescript (Nest.js), or Go.
  • Solid understanding of key technologies such as SQL, Docker, and Unix-based operating systems.
  • The ability to complete tasks independently and efficiently.
  • The willingness to take responsibility for customer projects and to actively participate in requirements analysis.
  • You see writing code not only as your job but also as your passion.
  • You enjoy discovering new technologies and are not afraid of challenges.

What we offer

  • Varied everyday working life and the opportunity to use the latest technologies directly in customer projects
  • Flexibility in organizing your working time incl. home office
  • Young and dynamic team with a flat hierarchy
  • Regular team events and generous training budget
  • Laptop and further equipment of your choice
  • Modern office with perfect public transport link, snacks, drinks, and subsidized canteen
  • Competitive payment

How to apply

1. Application

Send us your resume either by mail to ah@clickbar.dev or by chat. We will take a look at your resume and give you feedback as soon as possible.

2. Phone Interview

If your resume has convinced us, we want to get to know you at a first get together. Don't panic, no assessment center or anything similar awaits you.

3. Application Interview

We invite you to come to our office to get a coffee, Fritz Kola or Mate. Tell us about your career and your skills. Then we will tell you about our daily work routine.

4. Take-Home-Assignment

With this assignment, you can score with your skills. We'll give you a small task to take home.

5. Done

Congratulations, you did it, and you've convinced us! Everything else is just formalities. We will send you our draft contract, and if everything fits from your side, we will meet to sign the contract.

6. Welcome to the Team

We are happy to welcome you to our team and are looking forward to future cooperation.

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