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Agency Looking for JS Guru! (full-time)
Pilaster Digital Remote
Posted 1 month ago
At Pilaster Digital, we work hard to develop custom solutions for our clients which truly revolutionize and empower our clients businesses.

Job description

Pilaster Digital is a cutting-edge digital agency tackling the technological and creative crises for small to mid-level enterprises. We are looking for a passionate Front-End JS guru to join our award winning team. You’ll work on innovative digital solutions for exciting high profile clients.


  1. Support the software team by creating front-end based systems using HTML/CSS/JS.
  2. Support the design team to maintain sound design and user experience.
  3. Collaborate with the entire team, provide feedback and share ideas.
  4. Have your finger on the pulse and be aware of new technologies and concepts.
  5. Use your experience and knowledge to guide and develop best practice, and improve efficiency and quality.


  1. Writing clean and maintainable JS, with a focus on performance.
  2. Building frontend applications over web services applications.
  3. Up-to-date on HTML/CSS techniques.
  4. GIT version control.


  1. Integrating API’s
  2. Javascript frameworks, especially VueJS and ReactJS
  3. CSS pre-processors, LESS or SASS


  1. Passionate about creating cool digital things
  2. Can work well in a team
  3. Willingness to learn new skills and develop professionally to help further the team
  4. Positive attitude towards challenging situations and multi-tasking
  5. Good time management skills involving the ability to estimate accurately the time required to complete digital projects
  6. Attention to detail and pride in your work
  7. Good interpersonal skills with the ability to work and communicate with and translate digital solutions to non-IT personnel
  8. Must be committed to making ‘anything possible’ with a ‘can do’ attitude

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Please email tony@pilasterdigital.com with subject line JS Guru in subject line. Please attach resume and portfolio.

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