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Help solve the housing crisis - Apply now for Full Stack JavaScript Engineer (full-time)
Land Insight London, United Kingdom
£40k - 55k + Equity
Posted 1 month ago
Land Insight is a fast-growing startup tackling the housing crisis in the UK head on by focusing on the major issues associated with unlocking land for development.

Job description

We’re a startup based in the Alphabeta Building in Shoreditch, London. There are nine people working here. You would be numero ten. But we pack a punch, and with the background, skills and experience of the team, we’re taking on a big challenge: the ‘Housing Crisis’.

We believe that by using technology to crack open the land market like the claws of a prize winning lobster, we’re in the process of making a big business that will uncover the places on which more houses can be built, by a wider range of people. This vision is backed the same investors behind Love Film, TransferWise, Zoopla, Shazaam and Property Partner. Real issues, real tech, underpinned by a real economic opportunity.

We hold it in high importance to build a team. In working for us you’ll be in constant contact with the company founders, so you’ll be in environment where you can learn about the conception of and running of a startup company that is scaling up. More so, you’ll be invited into the vision. Goalposts move all the time, we need help from other bright people that can build on the firm foundations we’ve put in place. This isn’t the average tech role, this is a problem solving role. Adopt our (proverbial) child, and help to mould and grow it. In return, we’ll stretch you and give you the space to thrive.

So who do we expect you to be?

  • You want to understand a start-up business, the challenges and be proactive in coming up with solutions
  • You can work independently to get a project completed, working on all parts of the stack.
  • You want to help us make a big business and own part of it


  • Plan. We work in an agile way, planning work in fortnightly sprints. Work as a team to plan work together.
  • Build. Build exciting new features based on our unique big property datasets. Create maps and slick interfaces to delight customers.
  • Test. Be part of the team, test your own work and help others to ship quality code.
  • Learn. We measure and learn from new features that are built.
  • Support. We all support the sales team and customer support - goes without saying.
  • Organise. Help organise 100 million+ property records so we can build the best property data platform.


  • Javascript, front-end frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue
  • Node.js & MongoDB
  • Test driven development, unit tests
  • Knowledge of git
  • Excellent communication skills

Bonus Points for:

  • AWS experience – EB, EC2, SQS, S3.
  • Strong knowledge of SQL, relational database experience
  • Understanding of ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) data processes
  • A computing related degree
  • Knowledge of GIS, PostGIS, location based apps
  • Knowledge of the property sector

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