Company description – Specialty insurance online Marketplace; and POPai - Data Intelligence Platform

This is an InsurTech dedicated to filling the risk protection gap and transforming the M&A and specialist insurance experience for SMEs across the globe.

We are building a leading ecosystem that connects customers, advisors/distributors and insurer partners through an insurance marketplace, enabled by an exchange of expert people, personalised products & services and a data & technology platforms. is a group of Insurance and InsurTech Entrepreneurs dedicated to transforming the specialist insurance experience for customers. We believe in the Power of People to make the most of your Potential by building great businesses on Purpose. leverages InsurTech, LegalTech and data intelligence to provide a better insurance experience. These capabilities are applied to semi/automate insurance for Small Business and to build efficiencies across the insurance value chain, including distribution, underwriting and services. offers our clients the benefits of a highly experienced and knowledgeable team, with an excellent track record in delivering specialist insurance solutions. The SME M&A Team has worked on over 500 M&A insurance polices over the past decade. underwrites and issues policies on behalf of the highest rated, reputable and trustworthy Insurers. is part of a unique specialist insurance ecosystem of Partnerships between Entrepreneurs, Insurers, Investors, Distributors, Advisors, Technologists and other Service Providers – each dedicated to transforming the specialist insurance experience for customers. does not have any jobs at the moment. Try to use our job finder.

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