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Businesses are realising more than ever, that competing on price is simply not enough anymore. A younger, more techy savy marketplace is putting more emphasis on customer experience than ever before. People expect to be able to communicate how they want, when they want, and using whatever device they want. Gone are the days of just providing a telephone number - today’s consumers want multiple ways to get in touch. QContact is a true omni-channel platform, or as we prefer to call it a “No Channel” platform - meaning there are no boundaries between different channels. You can start a conversation on web-chat and finish it on a call. You may want to use Facebook one day, and Twitter the next. With QContact, your entire conversation history is preserved no matter what method of communication you want to use. As part of the Castillo Group, we have been helping businesses deliver an excellent customer experience for the past five years. QContact is based in the heart of Leeds, part of the Northern Powerhouse. As a European Capital of Culture 2023 nominee, and home of many great tech startups, Leeds is outperforming both London and Manchester in economic growth.

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