Company description

Canyon is a LegalOps platform.

Current ways of working on legal are a big mess. The reason? Current legal tools were never designed for collaboration. So all the $1Tn legal industry still turns on email, Word and PDF.

In contrast with the vertical and hyper specialized approach of current players, we have an end-to-end and holistic approach of legal.
We start from the matter, the core unit of legal work. Every business function works on a core unit of work. Sales close deals, developers track issues, legal people resolve matters. A matter is the core unit of legal work grouping everything legal needs i.e. drafts, versions, supporting documents, emails, participants, terms, tasks, signatures, spend, etc. Canyon is the digital home for matters. In Canyon, teams can process any time of legal matter: running an annual shareholders' meeting, negotiating a complex supplier agreement or taking an investment in a startup.

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